Closing Company

Closing Company

INNO has been providing full accounting services for more than 2000 corporate clients. Using INNO's accounting services, you will have a partner who always accompanies you in the accounting activities of your business. INNO's team of experienced and dedicated professionals will monitor, advise and solve accounting, tax and social insurance issues for your business.


You will:

  • There is a team of professionals who always accompany to monitor, advise and handle accounting, tax and other issues of the business, making everything simple so that businesses can focus maximum resources to develop their business.

INNO will:

  • Consulting on issues related to accounting, tax, social insurance, etc.
  • Monthly or quarterly, INNO will come to your place to receive invoices and documents.
  • Check and advise on the reasonableness of output and input invoices right after receiving the documents.
  • Balance of input and output VAT.
  • Prepare and submit monthly and quarterly tax reports according to regulations of tax authorities.
  • Send business results reports to customers, temporarily calculate quarterly CIT.
  • Complete the system of accounting books according to regulations.
  • Prepare financial statements and settle annual taxes according to regulations.


INNO confidently commits to accuracy on all documents and reports made by INNO. INNO will be responsible for explaining accounting records made by INNO when required by state agencies and pay all other fines in case customers are handled by state agencies due to errors from records made by INNO.

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